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“Gems are to the jeweler what pigments are to the painter.”

– Marine, creator of Gamme blanche
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BESPOKE by Gamme blanche

Gemstones, jeweler's true palette, promise an extraordinary diversity of shades and textures, each one of them is unique.

Fly away to a poetic and creative world that arises from the exploration of your emotions and memories.

In old Lille, in the heart of the Gamme Blanche studio, Marine the designer invites you to explore your treasure chest, to create a unique piece in your image.

“From the blank page comes the first sketch. The gems become the shade and the reflection of your imagination.”

– Marine, creator of Gamme blanche


After agreeing on a first meeting at the studio, Marine will welcome you into her studio around a coffee or tea.

Let your creativity transport you and reveal the essence of your personality in a unique and singular creation.

The dreamlike and secret world of gems opens its doors to you; let yourself be enchanted by the changing tones of the stones and choose the one that magnetizes you.

“The world of reality has its limits, the world of dreams is without borders”.

– Rousseau
Apu, our gemstones cutter in Jaipur.

The realization

India, the cradle of jewelry, carries in its history this ancestral craft so precious and coveted by the Maharajas.

Finely chiseled gold and skillfully cut precious stones will sublimate your creation.

With their hands, our virtuosos will create your exceptional jewel.

“You are no longer where you were, but you are everywhere I am”.

– Victor-Hugo

The final step

The journey is coming to an end, the dream comes true and the unique piece is unveiled to you. Make a last stop in our boudoir to receive your bespoke creation. Eternal imprint of a moment, your jewel prolongs the story.


Charm en or

Réalisation pour Sofia d'un charm en or 9 carats avec Diamant poire naturel.

Bague de Fiançailles

Réalisation pour Anabel & Amaury, selon leur souhait en or 14 carats, Saphir 'Paon' constellé de Diamants champagne.

Bague de fiançailles

Réalisation 'Carte blanche' pour Alicia & Gaspard, en or 14 carats, Diamant Cognac naturel de 1.89 carats et Diamants champagne.


Réalisation selon les souhaits de Clémentine, en or 9 carats et Topaze 'Toffee'.